The Good Get Classics: Pickleball Shorts

The Good Get Classics: Pickleball Shorts

The shorts that I wear when I play pickleball are very important to me. As a male who sweats a lot, especially in the summer months, I need clothes that are lightweight and moisture wicking. I also need clothes with the right fit. 

Several years ago, I went searching for a pair of shorts that I could wear on tournament days without having to change 3-4 times in the day and still stay relatively dry. I found some great deals on shorts from big brands like Nike, Under Armour and Fabletics, but I couldn't find anything that offered the right fit with the right material. It seemed like I was going to have to sacrifice one over the other. But then I tried these Good Get are they a game changer. 

What I love most about these shorts is how comfortable they are. They almost remind me of a pair of good swim trunks (without that god-awful mesh underwear) that I just want to lounge around at the beach all day in. I have even found myself rummaging through my drawers to find them when I am getting ready for a chill night at the house. They are perfect for playing or relaxing in. And I can play in them for hours without them getting too soaked or smelly. They are the perfect pair of shorts to play pickleball in.

I highly recommend not only the shorts from Good Get Apparel, but also the t-shirts and sweatshirts. These clothes are so comfy, you will never be worried about what you have on while you are out on the courts. When it comes to the shorts, you can choose the pair with the liner or the ones without. Personally, I prefer without, but I have a lined pair I wear on occasion as well. They are great quality too! You can't go wrong either way. 


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