Move the Needle EVERY DAMN DAY!

Move the Needle EVERY DAMN DAY!

Years ago, I was listening to a podcast of one of my favorite influencers, Jon Acuff. He was talking about new businesses and how many of them fail within the first year. He talked about the things that made many businesses successful and what caused most of them to go under. One of the factors that made many of them profitable was the owner showing up every day and moving the needle in the right direction. Of course, this isn't the only thing that creates success, but it HAS to be there. He mentioned that new business owners need to be ready to show up everyday for the first two years to have a shot at being successful. That's about the amount of time it takes to see profit and really gain good momentum. 

Several months ago I wrote on a sticky note that sits on my desk, "Move the Needle EVERY DAMN DAY!"

Every day looks different. Some days I struggle to figure out what to do that will help me move the needle, and other days I'm overwhelmed with things that I need to be getting done. But I know that everyday, I need to wake up and make sure I don't let the needle stay idle. If it's reaching out to a student and following up on a lesson, or creating a new video, I need to make sure that I'm using as many opportunities to gain momentum to grow my business. 

This applies to everything that we want to succeed at. If you have your own business. Ask yourself, "How can I move the needle today?" Want to lose weight? "How can I move the needle today?" Want to increase your skill level as a pickleball player? "How can I move the needle today?"

Somedays you will move the needle a lot, sometimes it will barely budge. Overtime, however, those small increments add up to a lot. Make sure you are showing up everyday with tasks you can do to reach your goals. Do that for two years consistently and see how far you come!

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