Don’t sell yourself short…

Don’t sell yourself short…

I’ll be completely honest with you, there are a lot of days where I wonder if I’ll ever be able to increase my level in this game. Some days I leave practice and feel like I haven’t made improvement. I play in tournaments where it seems like I haven’t improved. It can be really frustrating. But then there are days where I see small glimpses of improvement. I have to keep telling myself that I haven’t yet reached my ceiling and that the process IS working!

Most of you have goals and I am honored that you have let me be a part of reaching them! But don’t stop when you reach a goal that you set. Set your goals, reach your goals…rinse and repeat.

The goal setting portion of our journeys, not only in pickleball but everything else we do, is the foundation for the challenges that we take on. Even in the moments where it seems like you aren’t making progress physically, mentally, you are pushing yourself to be the best you can be. That journey alone is worth the sacrifice and dedication. And I promise you, physical progress is happening too…even when you can’t see or feel it.

Don’t believe the lie that you have reached your highest potential. I work with players everyday who are accomplishing new things that they never thought they would be able to do. You have a lot of potential inside of you to reach big goals. Don’t sell yourself short…make it a lifelong ambition to discover all the things you can accomplish!

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